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Debunking the Arguments for Karen Pence

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The Radical Therapist #033 – Making Social Justice Movements Less Elitist and More Accessible w/ Kai Cheng Thom

Read about AATA’s alliance with Karen Pence

Read About Mental Health and Neoliberalism

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Health Care and Social Services ineffective-226759

Race and Police Accountability

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Second Lady Karen Pence

Art Therapy and Karen Pence

Second Lady Karen Pence’s Art Therapy Initiative with Vice President Mike Pence

In Florida, U.S.

In San Juan, Puerto Rico

In Tbilisi, Georgia; Tallinn, Estonia; and Podgorica, Montenegro

In Cartegena, Colombia

In Seoul, Korea

In Buenos Aires, Argentina

In Santiago, Chile and Panama City, Panama

In Hawaii, Indonesia, Japan, and Australia

In Germany and Belgium

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